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Fetisch filme male chastity forum

fetisch filme male chastity forum

10, 2018 5:07 am Administrivia Board announcements, questions from members, etc. If the couple opts to make the chastity device more secure by way of a PA piercing, then this will of course take some additional time to heal. No matter what he says. The terminology/language doesnt change the fact that they are hers to control and use as she sees fit. Any couple successfully living a male chastity lifestyle has at its firm foundation, a properly trained male. I paid for it but it will, along with its contents, belong to her! Topics: 95 95 Topics 376 Posts Last post Re: Steelworxx Steelheart For by swm_twink View the latest post Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:29 am Fiction Tell me a story! fetisch filme male chastity forum

Fetisch filme male chastity forum - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly

Only so many clothes you can take off and still remain socially acceptable. I felt rather inspired by some of what I read. Once that benchmark has been cleared, its time to try for a week of uninterrupted wear. Once he can accept a week of continuous confinement with little or no discomfort, then he can be considered physically trained. . @ Kitten Ahappy @ lee_floridaboy FYI to any and all. If he decides to take the chastity device off, then he is admitting to her, himself and the rest of the world that male chastity and orgasm denial is not for him after all. That doesnt mean its suddenly "Mistress That" and "sissy this" etc. @ KittensBoyToy To answer a couple of your questions. I would feel the same about discussing it with my GP or a urologist. Chastity training of a male is a process. Thread responses shouldnt be an issue, in the forums themselves. @ easy going I was wondering about that actually, for us using the cclear cb, if we were in the sun nude, you think the plastic cage would turn into a magnifying glass? There are consequences of course.

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